Rawal John

Graphic &
UI/UX Designer

I am Pakistan based UI/UX Designer and passionate about things that are clever deep down and obviously simple – solving complex problems in the most elegant way.I specialize in pixel perfect design,
developing UI/UX projects, analyzing its needs in order to create an effective communication strategy.


My Self

I am multi-faceted user Experience Graphic Designer, Website Designer and Social Media Consultant and have been on web and with print Media Since 5 years, Being of part of Small Teams Has given me a good working Knowledge of how all the pieces of digital communication and application come together to form a whole. Over the years my roles have shifted to encompass all points of the process at one time or another, but always with a heavy emphasis on the concepts Graphic design and Interactions user’ face..


House # T-397 St # 9, Allama Iqbal Colony
Phone: +92-333-5491489
Mobile: +92-336-1564984


My Work

I am a web specialist with big ideas and creative mind. I develop exclusive designs, unique, easy and clear functionality of the products. I belong to the team of young professionals who are always open to new knowledge.


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